Shoot 4 Boots 4 Africa kicks off

In October 2011, 15 Centre Spot Coaches and Volunteers will be travelling to Ghana in Africa, to distribute football boots and equipment to disadvantage young people.


The Shoot 4 Boots for Africa campaign will be a continuation of the Shoot 4 Boots campaign. A campaign which has seen disadvantaged young people in Birmingham and Sandwell receive reconditioned football boots.

To make the Shoot 4 Boots 4 Africa campaign possible, Centre Spot CIC staff and volunteers are planning a series of exciting fundraising events throughout the year.

We are also looking for sponsorships and donations from individuals and companies, or if you feel you can help in anyway, please contact Centre Spot CIC on 07901 730844. We are also producing a quarterley newsletter which you can subscribe to by emailing and writing “newsletter” in the subject header.

Further information about Shoot 4 Boots 4 Africa will be posted on facebook soon.