schoolsFOUNDATIONS is a unique and exciting new programme from the established sports coaching company Centrespot. Focussing on the Key Stage 1 age groups FOUNDATIONS is designed to give young people the core basic skills that will stand them in good stead for later life. Our team of specialist coaches are DBS Checked and trained in delivering bespoke sessions that establish and enhance techniques, in a environment that is safe, challenging and ultimately, fun!


FOUNDATIONS operates a full working day model, whereby we can provide bespoke cover for all your needs.

Centre Spot SchoolsOur popular BREAKFAST CLUBS provide young people with a healthy start to the day, offering physical activity from anything up to an hour before the start of school. An alternative to wrap around care, these clubs are designed to optimise the learning environment for the first academic lesson of the day!

LUNCHTIME CLUBS offer a variety of options to help manage and challenge the children during their designated lunch breaks, Sessions at this time develop core social skills such as sharing, taking turns, time management and leadership, and can be held both outside and in larger classrooms if required.

Our patented PPA COVER provides OFSTED recognised physical education sessions that are bespoke to the needs of the children. Due to the nature of the FOUNDATIONS programme, the content, delivery style and challenges set in the session are designed specifically for Key Stage 1 children, meaning that engagement and activity is a core focus of every session. We provide detailed and professional session plans for each lesson we deliver, and will provide termly evaluations of progress, either against the schools own framework or the National Curriculum attainment targets. Staff members will also be happy to write end of year reports for all pupils, once they have worked with us for longer than 6 weeks. This will help to provide comprehensive and detailed progress to parents.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS are our way of providing added value to the school day, providing Key Stage 1 pupils with specialist sessions designed to further develop their core skills. These clubs are full of fun and again are bespoke to the needs of the school. Participation in these clubs is usually very high and we often have numbers ranging from 20 – 40 children at clubs on any given week.


FOUNDATIONS prides itself on being bespoke to the needs of the school, and therefore the best way for us to showcase exactly what we offer it first hand. With that said, some of the clubs we currently provide for schools include

• Street Dance
• Football
• Fundamental Movement Games
• Multi Sports
• Fun Games

To arrange a FREE TASTER SESSION, or if you wish to speak directly about the programme, please call 0121 569 2411 or email