Centre Spot Football Club

csfcCSFC was formed at the request of parents who wanted their children to play in a team that could offer a safe and fun environment, as well as having the benefit of being coached by highly experience coaches, some of whom have gained UEFA B qualification.

The philosophy of the CSFC is based on the 4 Corner Long Term Player Development Model that consists of ‘Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social’. This outlines the factors that need to be considered as young players grow and develop in the game. Each corner is interlinked and relies on support from the other three areas.

CSFC_teamAs the development pathway for each individual player is unique and diverse, the needs of each player will ebb and flow in all of the 4 corners. We therefore ensure that all our coaches and parents understand that each aspect of the four corners does not exist in isolation. We consequently work to improve players on the following 4 corners.

TECHNICAL: We use practices and match play that are appropriate to suit the needs of individuals within each team.
PHYSICAL: We believe the physical growth and performance of each player is considered so that the physical demands of each player are appropriate and unique to them.
PSYCHOLOGICAL: The psychological development and self-concept in the growing player, including sports performance psychology.
SOCIAL: We understand the influences of life at home, school, community, and friends. We encourage our players to bond both on and off the field, and to develop their self-confidence.

To find out more about joining CS Colts please email cscolts@email.com