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Centre Spot awarded Black Country ESF Community Grant

Centre Spot have been awarded over £7,000 from the Black Country ESF Community Grants programme to run a six-month project called “Mentoring and Personal Development through Sports”.

This funding will enable Centre Spot to work with unemployed young people from the Smethwick area of Sandwell, engaging them in a range of creative learning activities, supplemented by Sports, and complimented by Mentoring.

The intention is of getting the young unemployed people active, discovering and connecting different learning experiences so that they can help to find what interests them and deepen their passion for learning. It will also build self-esteem, raise confidence, create aspirations, and help them get on the right track for a successful future.

“We are really pleased to have been successful with our application. The funding will allow Centre Spot to grow in its programmatic reach, whiles making a real difference in the lives of the young people we work with. The grant will help improve mental health, physical well-being, active citizenship and community cohesion, as well as providing a stepping stone towards further learning, qualifications and employment for many people.”. . . Manny Abbeyquaye, Director. Centre Spot.

If you are interested in the project, please give Manny Abbeyquaye a call on 0121 5692413 or email
This project is part-financed by the European Social Fund and Skills Funding Agency.

Sandwell Pupils are on the Move

Sandwell charities Creative Academies Network (CAN) and Centre Sport have teamed up with national sports charity StreetGames to run an exciting programme called ‘Engage, Motivate & Move’.

Commissioned by Sandwell Public Health, the initiative is aimed at working with schools and colleges to make sport sessions, fun and free to all 17 secondary schools in the Borough.

Between now and July, pupils will be offered fun activities, including Kombat Krazee (martial arts to music) and StreetDance. These activities will appeal to young people who might not consider themselves “sporty” and those children who don’t currently engage in traditional sports clubs like football and cricket.

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